A Fishing Family

Marsh Creek Muskies was founded by myself Bill Brauer and my wife Lauren.  I grew up on a lake in New Jersey and fishing has been a part of my life as early as I can remember.  Naturally when I met my wife I wanted to take her fishing.  The first time I brought up fishing as something to go do together I had to sell her on the fact that she could get a great tan.  Once that first fish inhaled her lure, she was hooked more so than the bass!  (Pictured to the right one of Muskie Mama's first fish on the lake I grew up fishing in New Jersey).  Since then fishing has been more than just something to do so she could get a tan.  It has been a true passion and one of the main things that have brought us closer together, some of our best memories have been out on the water.

While living in Exton we started to go fishing at Marsh Creek.  While researching bass fishing tactics on my new home lake I stumbled upon the fact that Marsh Creek had muskies.  I had never caught nor targeted muskies before in my life but the pictures were enough to get me interested.  We spent that whole first year trying different lures, spots, tactics, times, and tackle to no avail.  Giving credit to the muskies nickname "the fish of 10,000 casts" we were not deterred.  After years of trial and error we were able to figure out patterns, spots, and lures making these elusive monsters much easier to land.  We have gotten so much better at finding these fish that our best trip last year put 5 fish in the boat and had 2 follows! 

Over the years we wasted a lot of time and money on fishing the wrong spots with the wrong tackle.  I would like to save you the money and time that I have invested by sharing with you all my little secrets.  I am confident that if muskie fishing is a passion that you would like to pursue coming out with us is the best first step.  So come on out and I guarantee that you will have an adventure that you will never forget.