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What You Need To Know

Marsh Creek Muskies wants to make your next fishing adventure one that you will never forget.  We start by assessing your ability/experience level, and getting an understanding of what type of fish you would like to pursue.  We then recommend the type of tackle, length of adventure, and time of day to begin.  Once you feel confident that we have the perfect trip planned for you, we will pick a day and meet at the dock.  To get this process started please call me at 484.319.1084 my name is Bill Brauer and I will personally handle everything from saying hello to netting your next muskie.

We do not require a deposit, however all payments are expected in full before we go out on the water.  We do not accept credit cards or personal checks.  We do accept PayPal and cash.

We are 100% catch and release and will not tolerate any abuse to fish or their habitat.  All anglers over 16 must have a PA fishing license.  No alcohol or drugs are allowed in Marsh Creek State Park.

Your time is yours and we can spend it however you like.  If you would like to stop for lunch I supply a cooler and am happy to keep the beverages and lunch you supply cold.

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all anglers must have a PA Fishing License